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  • 瓦尔登湖英语读后感范文

    2020-09-16 10:34 admin


    "Walden" is the American writer Henry. David. Thoreau's creation of a collection of essays, the book recorded in Thoreau Walden when living and feeling what one sees and hears. This book consists of 18 essays, "economic", Thoreau recorded the communication between farmers and farmers, learned that the hard life in the exchanges, not hard and criticized the peasants lived a luxurious life of the rich. In the species bean, Thoreau recorded the process of growing beans, gained the harvest through his own planting, and experienced the joy of labor and harvest from this process.

    In so many essays, what impressed me most is "brute neighbors", the author describes himself in some animal see Walden when living. They left a footprint of the life in Walden, brings vitality to open peaceful Walden, also from experience to people with self harmony and warm enthusiasm.

    "Walden" shows the beauty of nature to us, in fact, the book of creation, the United States is in agriculture era to the industrial age stage, the rapid development of economy, industrialization to stimulate people to pursue wealth, for money in the exploitation of natural resources fling caution to the winds to destroy nature. Follow all kinds of environmental problems, the natural ecological environment has been seriously polluted, Thoreau want to appeal to people to protect nature through his admiration of nature in the pond.

    In fact, not only in the last century, now industrialization still brought many environmental pollution, we also know that some factories secretly discharge of sewage and waste gas, make clear and clean water to become stinking, dark. The rivers of many rivers are still drifting through the white belly of the fish. Although many laws now prohibit enterprises from dumping waste water and sewage, the punishment is not enough to make enterprises feel scared, but they still go their own way.

    There are some businesses in order to meet some people desire to capture the state protected wild animal to sell, once when the pangolin is an animal so common, is now difficult to find traces of them in the mountains, most of them are delicious dishes on the table. Now children even think that pangolin is only the animal in the book.

    In order to seek economic development and develop natural resources, the forest coverage rate is becoming smaller and smaller, and the clarity of rivers is becoming lower and lower. Not only to humans, but also to many of the river water for the survival of the animals lost their place to live. But how can man live in harmony with nature? Only when we protect nature can man and nature become more harmonious.

    the in 变化的作文
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