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  • 描写动物的英语小作文

    2020-09-16 10:35 admin




    When it comes to pandas, people will naturally think of the black eyes of the panda. They are eating bamboos. They are so ridiculous. Let me introduce the pandas in depth.

    Pandas eat bamboo, always use the front paw and rear foot catch bamboo, slow, well into his mouth, look very cute I wanted to kiss him, in addition, he also likes egg, picked up the egg on the mouth, two heard the murmur of Xiadu, quickly let you the eye drop.

    The panda also likes to lie in to sleep. After he has eaten his belly, he looks for a piece of grass that nobody can lay down to sleep. Sometimes he feels his stomach and turns over a body. I thought he woke up, but I knew later that he was dreaming. It woke up, Monzon rubbed his eyes, go to the pool, bent down, "patter" and water, after drinking, satisfied belch around, burp, exercise, see his twisted body funny that I couldn't put throwing "a laugh out loud, it it looked odd, it seems to find who laughed at him.

    I particularly want a panda to go home. It should look so lovely for him. I can't help it.






    Two years ago, my family had a lovely puppy, although it had already left me, but she was still clearly in my mind.

    Remember when it first came to my house, very noisy, noisy family jiquanbuning, but hard work pays off, after my mother's care, the dog has become my good friend.

    The size of a puppy is not big. Its size is small and its size is small. Its round head is studded with black eyes. A pair of big ears can be heard if only a little noise is heard.

    The dog's hair just like cotton played, feels very comfortable. Its tail is so long that it warped like a bamboo. Since the puppy has become a friend with me, every morning it bites the quilt with sharp teeth until I call me.

    But one day, the unfortunate thing happened, it was a car broke, since it does not eat does not drink, I came back from school, saw it lying on the ground, motionless, I ran to call it, but it had no reaction, it is really dead, I my heart like a needle like pain, I put it in his arms, tears soaked it down, if it is too cold, I took off my mother gave me to buy a new jacket draped over the dog, mind my puppy......

    That lovely puppy, my childhood partner, has brought me a lot of happiness, and I can't forget it so far.







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