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    2020-09-15 10:07 admin


    The urban traffic is getting increasingly crowded nowadays in China. The roads are pakced with cars, bicylces and pedestrians and traffic jams, bus delays and traffic accidents are a common scene.

    Then how to solve this problem? Some suggest to lay down more roads to make the traffic less crowded and speed up the flow of traffic. Others believe that we should open up more public bus routes, so that more people will take the public buses instead of travelling by cars and bicycles.

    Though above two views sound reasonable, they have their own drawbacks. The fomer may take up much land which could be used for farms and houses. The latter may cause inconvenience for those who are used to travelling by car or bicycles. I think the best answer to the traffic problem is a combination of the two. More roads can be built to hold more traffic and meanwhile more public bus routes can be opened up to those who prefer to use the public transportation.

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